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● 素材:ブラックチェリー、ホワイトアッシュ、鉄(黒染仕上げ)
● サイズ:SΦ20, SΦ35, Φ32xH43, Φ48xH39 mm
● 本製品は子供向けの商品ではありません。大きさによっては誤飲の恐れがあります。
● 天然素材(無垢材)の自然な風合いを生かしているため、色や木目、節、自然な割れなど、商品ごとに個体差があります。

Objets born from the tradition of Shizuoka turnery – “NEWTONS”. Exploiting the distinct Shizuoka turnery specialization in the machining of delicate articles such as little knobs for furniture and doll tools, the craftsman Masaki Kishimoto has utilized his design and technical skills to place neodymium magnets inside these objets, enabling them to stand, hang, be supported, and sway. The connections between the various parts are unstable and ambiguous. Within the order created by the north and south poles of the magnets, coincidence and necessity create a free form.