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ReliefObject(以下 RO)は、スウェーデン鋼抜型を製造するメーカー、日本スエーデンとの協働から生まれました。日本スエーデンはレザーの特性を熟知しており、国内のタンナーによって鞣された上質なレザーを調達し、精確に断裁できることが強みです。



・サイズ:Φ150 x H180mm(立体時)


ReliefObject (RO) was launched in collaboration with NihonSweden Co., a manufacturer of Swedish steel dies. NihonSweden Co. is familiar with the characteristics of leather, and its strength is that it can procure high-quality leather tanned by domestic tanners and cut it accurately.

To make use of the applicability and strength of the material (pattern), we aimed at a design that is purely derived from the material itself, without adding extra additives (processing). The inspiration was a drawstring pouch. We emphasized the flexible transformation from a plane to three dimensions and from three dimensions to a plane.

RO is a product whose molding is created from the shape of the pattern rather than creating a pattern from the design. Only one type of pattern is finished with minimal sewing based on one structural principle. Unlike traditional Japanese drawstring pouches, it can be both casual and formal. There are no senseless barriers, such as generation, gender, age, or nationality. This is the one answer we arrived at when we thought up the design and made the prototype by hand.