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まるで宙に浮かんでいるような「UFO POT」。植物の生命力を尊重しながら、ハンギングの楽しさ、均整のとれた美しさなど、あらゆる要素を追求していくうちに、UFO(の形)に遭遇しました。半球の形状は排水効率を高める効果があり、水平にせり出したリム、モビールのような細めのワイヤー、最小限のシンプルな構造は植物を際立たせ、より一層の浮遊感を演出してくれます。キャラクターがありながらも植物との一体感があるので、インテリアの主役にも脇役にもなれる存在です。


● 浮遊感のあるハンギング専用鉢。
● 植物を引き立てる最小限のパーツで構成。
● 通気性や調湿性の高い素焼素材。
● 排水効率の高い半球状。
● 通常の素焼鉢より水持ちが良く丈夫。
● ワイヤーや金具は錆びにくいステンレス素材。
● サイズ:Φ250xH75(700) mm

◎ 屋内専用の製品となります。屋外での使用はお控えください。
◎ 強風により壁などと接触した場合、破損の恐れが高い形状ですので、風の影響を強く受けない屋内での使用をお勧めします。
◎ ワイヤー、金具パーツは使用状況によって錆びる恐れがあります。市販の錆び落とし剤をご利用いただけます。

The UFO POT seemingly floats on air. While striving for a pot that incorporated elements such as the pleasure of hanging, symmetrical charm, and so on while respecting the life force of the plant, I came across the UFO (shape). The hemispherical shape effectively improves drainage efficiency, while the horizontally protruding rim, the delicate mobile-like wires, and the simple minimalist structure make the plant stand out and produce even more of a floating effect. Although it has its own character, the pot also has a sense of unity with the plant, and therefore it can play the role of either the centerpiece or the second fiddle in your interiors.

About the Clay / TOKONAME
The red soil used for “Tokoname-Yaki,” which you are familiar with from its use in teapots and teacups, is fired at a high temperature, thereby refining and smoothening its texture. Like a vessel that enhances the appearance of the food, this pot brings out the beauty of your plants. Long beloved the world over, the standard color of natural clay, unembellished, provides a familiar sense of security. Solid and with great water-retaining properties, it is ideal for plants that prefer moderately moist soil conditions.

• Specialized hanging pot that seems to float
• Minimum number of components accentuates the plant
• Unglazed material for good, high breathability and moisture conditioning
• Semi-spherical shape for highly efficient drainage
• Better water retention and stronger than normal unglazed pots
• Wire and metal fittings of rust-resistant stainless steel

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